Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Children and the Evolution of Computer Gameplay

Recen studies have shown that boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 14 have a wide range of various digital devices and use them in very different ways. Whether they're digital cameras, mp3 players, portable game devices or smartphones, the list of devices is endless. However given all of this choice, the interesting thing is that boys seem to be fascinated by games and playing them is the number one thought in their head - no matter what the platform or device is.

Conversely, girls are more interested in downloading music, pictures, ringtones and wallpapers, listening to music, chatting and e-mailing with friends, watching videos, and reading eBooks on the various different devices they use compared to boys.

But is there a middle ground? There is, and that middle ground is digital convergence. Both boys and girls want their devices to do everything together. Communication and games, photos and music - the kids of the noughties expect them to fit in their pocket in the form of a single device.

However this doesn't apply to non-portable gaming devices. Boys still love video game consoles. They are also nearly two times more likely to download games with their console.

The same applies to playing on the computer. 91% of boys want a desktop computer to play games on and 77% a laptop (compared to 60% and 58% for girls respectively).

While boys (82%) are much more interested in playing games on the mobile devices such as an iPod Touch or iPhone compared to girls (52%), gaming is still the number one reason both genders would want such a device.

Multi Player Games - Enjoying The Gaming Experience With Others

A game, which is generally played by two or more players, is known as a multi player game. The player may be playing individually with another player as an opponent or may form teams to play against each other. Theoretically speaking, it is quite difficult to analyze many independent players playing in a single multi player game as it may result in coalitions.

Keeping in mind that the coalitions between players are actually not allowed, John Nash had proved that a stable solution can be provided in games with several players. Nobel prize was also awarded to him for economics for the extension of Von Neumann's theory of zero sum games. This stable strategy provided by him is known as Nash equilibrium. The situation becomes more complex if the cooperation among the players is allowed. The theories provided by Nash have certainly some impact in the field of economics, politics etc.

It has been found that, with the advent of the quantum information into the quantum game theory, a new horizon has been opened for the multi player games. It has been allowing a new type of equilibrium strategy which is generally not available in the traditional games. According to this strategy, the contract or the amount of money that is kept as a bet, mainly in card games, can be affected by the player's choices but the player is not allowed to make any sort of profit by means of betrayal.

Different multi player games with their details are shown below:

Party games - These are generally those types of games which people play at social gatherings, which usually involve more than one playing member. Out of the large number of party games, a specific one can be selected according to the style of the party and the atmosphere. Some of the examples are - Wild Wild west, ninja games, bugs etc.

Card games - Cards are generally used as a primary tool in these types of games. There are hundreds of card games which also include the family related games such as poker. These are played by specific standardized rules, with a small number of cards.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How To Level Fast In WoW Mists Of Pandaria

Probably the most often asked question by new World of Warcraft players is how to level fast in WoW.

You are no doubt wondering how it is certain players seem to be able to level at a pace much faster than everyone else.

You often hear claims of cheating or hacking of some kind because players do not understand there are some pro techniques and tools that make leveling a toon in WoW extremely fast.

Here are some of the top tips: 
  • Make sure you have bag space - This means making sure you have all your bag slots filled with the largest bags you can afford from the start. Constantly having to find somewhere to empty bags will take you off your questing routes and wastes time.
  • Forget buying gear at low levels - The early levels are not really aided by buying gear and the time wasted running to an auction house can be better used completing a few more quests. You are going to find yourself spending a ton of time staring at the auction house window and wasting gold that is not going to serve any useful purpose.
  • Make another toon just for mail - If you have a low level toon that stays stationed in a town that has an auction house you can continue questing and mail items. This allows for unlimited space as mail can stay in a box for 30 days. After 30 days it is mailed back to your character. This is a huge savings of time.
  • Do not quest above your head - Dying is the biggest waste of time in World of Warcraft because you often have a long walk back to your body. Knowing the proper areas and quests for your level is critical to staying alive and leveling as fast as possible.

Making sure to follow all the tips above while using one of the better in game WoW leveling guide addons is exactly how pro players have been power leveling toons much faster than the rest of the World of Warcraft population for years.

These addon guides are programmed to take you through the most efficient questing routes in the game by use of a detailed guide window and a directional arrow.